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The health benefits of dance are well documented. Scientific research shows that 75% of the factors affecting the quality of life and longevity are related to lifestyle, while only 25% are hereditary.

This means it’s crucial for your health to get more active whatever your age, and dance, in particular, can play a vital role in ensuring a longer and better quality of life. Research also often puts dance ahead of other physical activities in the variety of health benefits that it brings.

Join the fun, music & movement all while improving your overall health!

Revealing your inner swan!

Course 1 | Swan Lake

◉ Learn a basic foundation for technique.

◉ Learn the terminology used in classical ballet.

◉ Apply movement concepts for strength and combinations.

◉ 3 Classes with Barre, Center & Diagonal exercises.

◉ Class 4 is a variation from Swan Lake

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Discover the joy of graceful movement!

Course 2 | Sleeping Beauty

◉ Learn a basic foundation for technique.

◉ Learn the terminology used in classical ballet.

◉ Apply movement concepts for strength and combinations.

◉ 3 Classes with Barre, Center & Diagonal exercises.

◉Class 4 is a variation from Sleeping Beauty

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Course 2$13

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Realizing the strength & beauty of a swan!

Course 3 | Carmen

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Silver Swans® Ballet Class offers introductory senior 55+ ballet classes for those looking for a low-impact & fun way to stay active. We incorporate beautiful classical music compositions with attainable ballet movement segments to inspire and challenge your inner ballerina. The tutu is optional!

Silver SwansⓇ is a 55+ senior-based ballet dance project created by the Royal Academy of Dance out of the United Kingdom. Silver SwansⓇ has been around for quite a few years across the pond, however, those of us who have studied and instructed their English-based methodology for young children are now embracing the continuing professional development of the dance movement for an older generation.

All courses will contain three classes with barre, center & diagonal exercises.

The last class will be a culmination of all lessons; danced in

a variation with music from a famous classical ballet.

An account on Vimeo is required for the video courses. The account is FREE. You can sign up here:

Why Silver Swans Classes Are Special

Introducing our Silver Swans® Ambassador

Meet our ambassador Angela Rippon as she explains why she loves to dance and was inspired to become a swan.

“Dance is a way to ensure a long and healthy Life" says, Angela Rippon

The 2013 project focused on the qualitative evaluation of the experiences of both teachers and participants with extremely positive findings and enthusiasm for the work to continue. This project aimed to measure the potential impact of a community-based dance intervention on overall daily activity levels, balance and quality of life in older adults.

The second phase of our innovative Dance for Lifelong Wellbeing project developed the research findings from the 2013 Dance for Lifelong Wellbeing project undertaken by the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD), contributing to and enhancing research in relation to dance for older adults.

How It All Began

Valérie Marengo

With roots in dance beginning at age three, Valérie's love of classical performance landed her on the stages of Italy living her dream! Studying and performing Russian/Vaganova and British/RAD methods and repertoire. Upon returning to the states she then majored in Dance at San Jose State University and trained as an instructor for young children with The Royal Academy of Dance inspiring more than a decade of dancers to their personal greatness.

As time and life move continuously family and other interests prevailed through the years. Recently, seemingly coming full circle, becoming a licensee for the Royal Academy of Dance’s Silver Swans®, a 55+ ballet class project, seemed the perfect progression to a life lived in love of the ballet.

“I believe it is important work to remain active in advancing years, and I plan to take as many as I can along with me as I go.” “The movement still feels sacred, and I want everyone to share and revel in this experience with me!”

"My mission here is to create an elegant yet energetic experience for older learners in a program that promotes fun & freedom of expression with the added benefit of fitness & flexibility."

My Why

I wrestled with the idea of writing a personal account of how my own mother played a part in the role of my Silver Swans® endeavor. I honestly was not in great shape when I decided to take the certification, and with other health issues, I wondered what the future would dictate. I did it anyway!

My mother has always been a guiding force for me, and even now afflicted with dementia, although many things are so very different, I discovered that hasn’t changed. I wanted to continue to be an inspiration even in her decline of course also knowing how important movement is for my own personal health and vitality, and in turn, she inspired me to keep moving, literally!

My reason for adding this anecdote is not to elicit pity or sympathy, it is to empower you to find something you love that will keep you moving, and even if you have doubts about your ability, do it anyway! Do it, whatever it is, to your best ability, have fun and that will be more than enough.

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"My passion for this project is dedicated to my mother."

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